Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Armies of Australian Masters 2017 - Part 2


Welcome to part 2 of Armies of Australian Masters 2017!  

Today I would like to present Josh from Victoria who is bringing his trusty Undead army to the tournament. Out of six events Josh took part in this season, Undead were featured four times and I got lucky to play against him and his shambling hordes during the Australian Clash of Kings 2016! 

I must tell you that Josh is one of the nicest opponents I have ever had a pleasure to meet. He was more happy when things went well for me and more sad when unlucky rolls happened than myself. :) 

Who knows, it may be that we will have the rematch during the Masters!

Undead - Josh - Army List

20 Mummies, Regiment
- Liche King, Hero, Banner of the Griffin

20 Mummies, Regiment
- Liche King, Hero

20 Mummies, Regiment
- Balefire Catapult, War Engine  

20 Mummies, Regiment
- Balefire Catapult, War Engine  

20 Mummies, Regiment
- Balefire Catapult, War Engine 

10 Soul Reaver Cavalry, Regiment, Brew of Haste
- Cursed Pharaoh, Hero, Wings of Honeymaze

Monday, 20 November 2017

Armies of Australian Masters 2017 - Part 1


The tournament season in Australia ends on 31st October and it is now time to prepare for the Australian Masters - invite only event that is organized for the best 12 players in the country to determine the ruling Champion for the next season. It is the second year of Kings of War Australian Masters too. 

This year I got very lucky to qualify and I am already looking forward to the event that will take place in Ipswich in Queensland on 3rd December! 

The event is one day tournament with 4 games being played and Clash of Kings 2017 in place. There is, however, one very interesting tradition that the very first game is so called Army Swap. It means that the players would play against each other but commanding their opponent's army against their own! 

The pairs are already determined and 1st player in the ranking is going to play against 12th, 2nd against 11th and so on. 

If you are interested in details here is the link to the player's pack:

Once the players confirmed their attendance there was the deadline until 17th November to submit our respective army lists and they have just been officially published. Here is the link to the army lists:

You may expect discussions on various social media about the lists and the chances of each player to win this year and I wanted to add to it a bit as well. However, I decided to go for armies and players presentation. The main reason is that I think the players and their armies deserve it after the full year of campaigning as qualifying to Masters is a success already. In addition, I think the event itself is worthy talking about as it further promotes a fantastic game of Kings of War. And while naturally it is going to be a very competitive event, there is so much more to it!

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Game 66 - Romans - 2017/11/18


After a very interesting set of games at 1200 points during the most recent local tournament, it was time to get back to playing at 2000 points! This time, however, it was a game like no other as I had a unique chance to play against - Imperial Romans!

During the tournament I talked to Glen, another great local player and he is known for bringing his beautifully painted Romans to the events. While terrain rules for KoW Historical are not in use, such armies are usually allowed. I would love to play a proper KoW Historical one day but this time we agreed I am going to bring my Elves as usual.

We are spoiled for choices these days as we have two gaming nights per week (I wish I could attend every week at least once, not to mention twice!) in our local stores. This time we played at Jolts

Glen brought all infantry army with no less than 6 war engines!

Romans - Army List

40 Legionnaires, Iron Resolve, Foulkon(2), Single Throwing Weapon, Shiltron
- General, Hero
- Catapult, War Engine

40 Legionnaires, Iron Resolve, Foulkon(2), Single Throwing Weapon
- Eagle Bearer, Hero
- Catapult, War Engine

20 Legionnaires, Iron Resolve, Foulkon(2), Single Throwing Weapon
- Army Standard, Hero
- Catapult, War Engine
20 Legionnaires, Iron Resolve, Foulkon(2), Single Throwing Weapon
- Musician, Hero
- Bolt Thrower, War Engine
20 Legionnaires, Iron Resolve, Foulkon(2), Single Throwing Weapon
- Bolt Thrower, War Engine
20 Legionnaires, Iron Resolve, Foulkon(2), Single Throwing Weapon
- Bolt Thrower, War Engine
20 Legionnaires, Iron Resolve, Foulkon(2), Single Throwing Weapon

20 Legionnaires, Iron Resolve, Foulkon(2), Single Throwing Weapon

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Valley of Kings 4 - Summary - 2017/11/12


Time for a short summary of the most recent tournament. It was great to be back after a short break and I really enjoyed small size format too. My concerns that smaller tables would be a challenge for me or that 5 games in one day might be a little bit too much proved to be unjustified. Which is simply great! :)

Once again the crew at Three D6 perfectly accommodated the group of Kings of War enthusiasts and Matt delivered yet another perfectly organized event. This time, as we were testing a new scoring system, he prepared scenario sheets with rules explaining not only how the scenario works but also how it is scored. It helped a lot and players didn't have to spend time to calculate the scores as the three-step procedure was really easy to follow. 

We had 12 players this time which is also a nice attendance number. The interesting I observed, however, that every time I participate in the event there are players who did not necessarily participated in previous tournaments. It simply means that the number of Kings of War players in Canberra is much larger than and that is awesome! I am sure that the regularly organized Valley of Kings series of events helped in fueling the enthusiasm and kept people interested in this game.

I had great 5 games and it would not have been possible without my fantastic opponents. My thanks to Mark (congratulations on the 2nd overall!), Damian, Chris, Sean and Craig (congratulations on 3rd overall!) for great games!

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Valley of Kings 4 - Elves - 2017/11/11


I begun the tournament with a civil war and it happened that I was about to finish the event with the civil war too! 

This time I had a great pleasure to play against Craig who was very enthusiastic about  our incoming battle too! We have not fought against each other yet. Craig brought Elven army that was different in composition to mine and Mark's (check battle report 1) so all three Elven forces were truly unique. Craig's Drakon Riders looked great in particular and properly intimidating! His army also had a nice contingent of allied Elohi:

Elves - Army List

6 Drakon Riders, Horde
- 10 Archers
- Drakon Lord, Hero 

10 Storm Wind, Pathfinder, Regiment
- Mage, Lightning Bolts, Hero

Basilean Allies

6 Elohi, Horde

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Valley of Kings 4 - Night Stalkers - 2017/11/08


In the game 4 I played against the army that is going to be (or is already becoming) a very popular choice thanks to the new Mantic releases - the Night Stalkers. I played against Sean who is getting back to wargaming with this army. We played against each other long time ago so it is great to have him back. I am sure he has an eye on the new concept art and models and I am looking forward to seeing how is he going to develop his force.

I had a few games against the Night Stalkers but I haven't had a chance to play against some of Sean's choices. I was also very curious how to play against them at small points and I was really looking forward to our game. Here are the details of the army list:

Night Stalkers - Army List

20 Reapers ,Regiment
- 10 Spectres, Troops
- 10 Spectres, Troops
- Horror, Hero

20 Dopplegangers, Regiment
- 10 Phantoms, Troop
- Plannar Apparition, Monster

3 Nightmares, Regiment

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Valley of Kings 4 - Undead - 2017/11/05


In the third game I played Chris and his Undead horde. We have played against each other a few times already and last time Chris defeated me during the Edge of the Abyss campaign.  It was thus a great opportunity to even the score!

The interesting part of playing against the known player is that we both started developing certain behaviors as a result of previous encounters. Chris became even more patient with his army, slowly but purposely approaching my army, being careful not to expose the flanks. I learned some painful lessons about being too hasty in the attack or underestimating the power of Surge. I really hoped I would not make these mistakes again! 

Chris had some usual suspects in his force but there were a few surprised for me too:

Undead - Army List

40 Zombies, Horde
- 10 Skeleton Warriors, Troops
- 5 Soul Reaver Cavalry, Troops
- 5 Revenant Cavalry, Troops
- Liche King, Hero

6 Barrow Wights, Horde
- Army Standard, Mounted

20 Wraiths, Regiment